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Teeth whitening

You can have your teeth whitened in our clinics:
Lvivska Street 13
Melnika Street 10 housing 7

Teeth whitening is a change of teeth color with the help of high quality professional bleaching agent based on hydrogen peroxide. Modern bleaching systems perfectly cope with this problem, allowing you to achieve significant and long lasting bleaching effect.

The ideal option would be to use laser technology if you want to have a snow-white smile and if you want a procedure of tooth bleaching to be as much harmless for your enamel as possible.

The principle of this technique is quite simple: special cleaning gel is applied on teeth,which arethen subjected to a strong laser light that speeds up the lightening process. Actually, the procedure of teeth whitening consists in changing the surface structure. As the active ingredient is broken down, oxygen gets into the enamel on the teeth and the tooth color is made lighter. The laser simply speeds up the process, allowing achieving the best result in the shortest period. Since almost all bleaching gels include hydrogen peroxide, concentrated laser beam accelerates the process of disintegration and atomic oxygen penetration into the surface of the tooth, thus bleaching it.

Progressive teeth whitening with the help of a laser can save patient’s time and improve the final result. After the teeth whitening procedure, teeth do not change their physical properties, maintaining their normal sensitivity. In addition, enamel strength can even increase a little.

It’sworth mentioning that teeth whitening procedure is oriented on client’s own teeth. Prostheses and implants cannot be bleached, because of their structure and physical properties of materials used in them. Currently, laser teeth whitening is the most effective technology that is unique and has many advantages. The procedure is quick. It has lasting effect and the result will surprise even the most demanding customer.

The real "hit" of professional teeth whitening is a bleaching system zoom3, because it allows you to bleach the tooth enamel for 8-12 tones, completely without damaging it. Zoom3 whitening system consists in applying acid-free whitening gel on patient’s teeth and activating it with the use of special light.

ATTENTION !!! Removal of dental plaque with ultrasound and Air Flow tooth polishing is required before teeth bleaching.

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