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Root canal therapy

Root canal treatment is the main component of endodontic therapy, which in its turn is the field of dentistry dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the infected pulp of a tooth.

Endodontic therapy is the field of the therapeutic dentistry, which involves treatment manipulations inside the tooth, root canals and adjacent tissues in case of pulp disease and apical periodontitis.

Centers of acute and chronic inflammation in the pulp and periodontium cause physical and moral discomfort to a patient. They can also serve as a source of odontogenic inflammatory processes of maxillofacial area and neck and are able to impede the progress of diseases of internal organs and systems and provoke the development of diseases. Therefore, mentioned centers of infection require timely, adequate and effective endodontic treatment.

Methods of endodontic treatment allow saving even heavily damaged or infected teeth, prevent complications that lead to tooth loss and serious diseases of bone and soft tissues.

There are several methods of endodontic root canal treatment, which we use in our clinic: a traditional manual method and the method using endodontic motor X-Smart DUO or Morita. We use the following techniques for root canal filling: hot gutta-percha, thermophiles and classic gutta-percha + cement sealer.

Endodontic treatment may involve:

  • Pulp removal;
  • Cleaning of pulp chamber and root canals;
  • Canal shaping;
  • Canal filling.


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