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Dental X-ray examination

We use Planmeca Intra (from Finland ) in our clinic. It is one of the best intraoral X-ray with an adjustable level of voltage and current strength allowing to achieve optimal quality of any photos.

Adjustable current strength value allowsto work with modern digital technology to obtain images. Installation Planmeca Intra increases the diagnostic value of intraoral photos taken on any device, providing extremely clear, sharp images with maximum detail.


To save time and ease work, installation is programmed to capture different objects. Shooting parameters are set for molars, premolars, incisors, canines, and shooting specifically for the needs of endodontics. Exposition parameters change with a simple push of a button thus X-ray Planmeca Intra is suitable for shooting X-ray film as well as getting digital images with conventional or phosphoric sensor. All operations are performed manually.

High-frequency generator used in the installation of Planmeca Intra allowsto reduce the radiation dose received by the patient for more than 25%.Exposure time is reduced owingto radiator efficiency.

Functional and stylish design of a new X-ray machine by Planmeca, not only provides a simple and precise patient positioning, but also gives him confidence that he is treated in a modern dental clinic, providing high-quality treatment. For expansion of the capabilities of X-ray diagnostics we offer RadiovisiographyProsensor.


PlanmecaProSensor system is fully integrated with intraoral PlanmecaX-ray. In addition, work with this system supported by PlanmecaRomexis image processing system, which includes a wide set of image processing tools. As a result the diagnostic value of dental images is increased. The use of TrollByte Plus sensors holders by Trollhätteplast is an additional factor that ensures the usability and comfort for the patient. Use of visiographerPlanmecaProSensor reduces radiation dose by 17 times (than using ordinary film).

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