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Dental implants

Dental implants surgeryis a method of implanting an artificial root (implant) into the upper or lower jaw. The implant is a titanium rod, which is inserted into the jaw bone and forms the basis for the installation oforthopedicconstruction.

There are two methods of dental implantation: one-stage and classical .

The classic method is applied two months after tooth removal surgery. Two months after implant insertion on lower jaw and three to four months on upper jaw rational prosthesis is performed.

If the implant is installed immediately after tooth extraction, the problem can be solved just in one visit: install an implant, fix an abutment on it and attach a crown according to the colour of teeth. Such implantation is called one-stage. If anatomy conditions in the mouth cavity allow to choose this method, professionals will recommend it to the patients as the least traumatic, psychologically convenient and the one that allows the gums to form around the crown as required.

Advantages of dental implants:

  • Teeth situated next to the implant are kept safe and healthy;
  • Functional and aesthetic improvements bring comfort unattainable with classical prosthesis ;
  • Possibility of non-removable prosthesis installation and improvement of removable prosthesis fixation.

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