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Aesthetic dental restoration

Aesthetic dental restoration is a whole field in dentistry that combines caries treatment, crown buildup, prosthetics and other procedures for a flawless smile. Let’s have a closer look at each of them. Crown buildup is particularly relevant in the "zone of smile" - for incisors and canines that are visible when a person speaks or smiles. The basis here is the modern composite materials, the color of which is carefully selected individually and matches the tooth enamel shade, which needs to be restored.

Crown buildup allows to reproduce tooth shape in the smallest details. When the work is completed, light beam of certain specter is directed towards the tooth, which causes the enamel to harden fast creating very strong almost monolithic structure with enamel. Crown buildup is effective when up to 30% of tooth enamel needs to be restored. If more than half of the tooth is split, it’s better to restore it with the help of posts and crowns.

Tooth restoration solves the following problems:

  • Tooth shape restoration. Splits, cracks, wedge shape and worn off enamel make people look older. Tooth restoration and in particular, crown buildup allows to eliminate these flaws and regain strength and beauty of original enamel.
  • Teeth alignment restoration. Tooth restoration can cope with many tasks in the field of orthodontics, for example, visually straighten teeth alignment and eliminate tremas between them.
  • Enamel quality restoration. Erosion, dark and unattractive enamel color which couldn’t be restored is one more problem to be solved with the help of aesthetic dental improvement.

All these services are provided in our clinic.


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