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Aesthetic dentistry

We successfully solve aesthetic problems – chipping, enamel darkening, large or small gaps between teeth, tipping or shift, teeth whitening. We have our own laboratory where we perform prosthetic works of any complexity.

  • Free ceramic
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Lumineers
  • Braces

Specialists in aesthetic dentistry will consult you and pick an individual treatment plan that will return beauty and charm to your smile.

Veneers and lumineers is practically an independent field of aesthetic dentistry. They are very thin porcelain or ceramic plates that are attached to the outer surface of the tooth, as artificial nails on your own. Due to their thinness, compared with the usual thickness of a sheet of office paper, veneers do not require grinding of the top layer of enamel. Such restoration is effective when it is needed to conceal the dark layer of enamel, its damage, cracks between teeth and many other flaws.


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